To Sow or Not To Sow…

Right! I realized the other day that I wanted to try growing some swedes & beetroot…… Looking at my ‘Bible’ of ‘What to Sow, Grow, Plant-Out & When’ laminate on the fridge (yup, I am that sad!) I realize I’m possibly a tad too late. Never fear, my almost convincing & almost believable ‘logic’ kicks in.

Now, apparently, to grow said two items of rooters you usually sow the seeds, straight into the ground outside, up to the end of July. Well, it’s now August…quite a way into it. So I’m figuring if I sow the seeds into pots, leave them on a sunny windowsill & let them have a ‘speedy start’, then plant them out, I may well get away not doing what my ‘Bible’ laminate says.

So this I did & lo & behold, two days later my little seeds  are sprouting!veg planting guide blog

It’s now been a week since I did this (If it hadn’t worked this would be a MUCH shorter blog entitled ‘Don’t Let Hungry Kids into Your Garden, They Think It’s An All-Day-Buffet’ or ‘Where Have All The Raspberries Gone Kids?’).

I’m giving them a couple more days to allow the roots to strengthen (the seedlings NOT the kids) & then I’ll be planting them out into the patch.

Then all I can say is watch this space! There may well be swede & chilli mash & beetroot soup when harvest time beckons….. or,  tears before autumn… hmmmmm…


Kit x

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