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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Good evening Ome Made!
    I hope you are well? Just a quick email really as I have noticed that you shared our party platter on facebook and after looking at your website and facebook page, just wondered if this would be a product you would consider selling to your customers along side of your yummy Yorkshire products?
    Let me know if this might be of interest to you
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi

      I will think about it. Not quite sure about how? They are a fantastic idea. Let me have a think about it and I’ll get back to you. I will be happy to plug you even if I can’t help selling them.

      Kind Regards


  2. HI, I bought a bottle of your “hot for teacher!” hot sauce. which i love by the way. do you still make it as im nearly out and want to stock back up. i can’t seen to see it on your site please help

    kind regards

  3. I have just bought some of your lime and date chutney and I love it, would like to restock do you still make it? Can I buy on line??? Mal.

    1. Hi Mal.

      I think I have a couple left although it does need restocking. I will send you an email.


  4. I’m allergic to bell peppers ( of all colours) and cayenne and paprika that are made from them. But somewhat bizarrely I’m ok with birds eye chillies.
    Please can you tell me which rubs are ok/not ok as I can’t see ingredient lists.
    Also which rubs do you recommend for ribs?

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