Holidays Are Coming… Holidays Are Coming…

The countdown to Christmas has begun & it’s only September!!!

Ok, it probably started around August time with us. That was when I first turned to ‘Ome & asked ‘What are we having for Christmas dinner then?’. His face was a picture!

I then pointed out the fact that before we realize, it will be 4 weeks before the Birthday celebrations & we won’t have even started making the presents, the Birthday pudding will be nonexistent (like last year…we had to, umm, BUY ONE! AAAArrrghhh!) & we’ll still be having debates, arguments & bottom lips stuck out over what we’re having for dinner.

So here we go. ‘Ome wants wild boar, MissT wants ham, Dj wants turkey. CurleyE wants duck wraps & Lil’MrM wants ‘Macerwoni cheeeese!’. I want a holiday & a large mug full of ‘Ome mulled wine.

crimbo turkey blog
Last year… Turkey!

‘Presents’ I ask ‘What are we doing for presents?’ cue an hour long reminisce about all the stuff we’ve made over the years & how yummy the stuff was….the ‘Ome Made rum soaked dried morello cherries were a particular favourite as was the ‘Ome Made lime pickle & mango chutney.

So, are we any closer to a happy medium that pleases everyone for Christmas dinner? Nope!

Did we have any new ideas for presents? Nuh-uh!

So in October when the adverts start on television for the latest expensive toys, games & gadgets & the shops are putting up their decorations, we’ll be sat there moaning that Christmas is light years away & will they stop making this special time of year into a time of greed & selfishness. It should be a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus, goodwill to all, giving gifts with thought, mulling your wine & pulling your crackers.

Then we’ll realize that ‘S***!, we haven’t even started yet…..Buy a pudding QUICK!’


Kit x

Giant Christmas sausage & cranberry roll
Giant Christmas sausage & cranberry roll

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