We’re Off To Button Moon

Right, off to a good start for the day.

Went outside with 3 eldest children to see to the chickens and ducks, which for a change was not too traumatic and the children, chickens and ducks all did what they’re supposed to do. However, when I came back in Kit’s walking round with a torch (it’s about 9:20am), I’m about to ask what’s wrong when I get a chorus of “Li’lMrM has put his button up his nose!”.

It appears that Li’lMrM was undoing his pyjama top when a button comes off, so what do you do… stick it up your nose, obviously! Don’t you just love kids! So, Kit’s off to the children’s hospital… I’m sure we’ll be laughing a bout it later… Oh and Kit and myself are supposed to be going to see Dave Spikey tonight, our first night out (without the children) in seven years!

The baby sitters enjoyed Dave Spikey. Apparently they haven’t laughed so much in years… Cheers Li’lMrM, I’m sure in years to come we’ll laugh about this!

And yes Li’lMrM was fine, the button was removed and he was completely un-phased or  traumatised by the whole situation… wish the same could be said about the parents!

No recipes here! Just a well needed large glass of red!

Oh, the button? It now has pride of place on the mantelpiece just as a reminder that as a parent, just because you book something does not mean it’s a foregone conclusion  you’re going to get there.

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