‘Trooty-La-La Ketchup


‘Trooty-La-La Ketchup… Ketchup made with beetroot & beer!

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‘Trooty-La-La Ketchup

Ketchup made with beetroot & beer! Sounds completely La La! Well actually, yes! ‘Trooty-La-La Ketchup is a sauce made from beetroot and La La Land craft beer from Fuggle Bunny Brewhouse in Sheffield. Beetroot & sharp apples are combined with vinegar, sugar and spices which gives a tart, earthy sauce which goes sublime with cheese or anything else that you would normally have the old ‘red sauce’ with.



Great for when you’re entertaining to have a ‘posh ketchup’ on hand or when you want to impress your friends with something different at your BBQ.

Speaking of barbecues, this sauce goes great on a burger, especially with cheese. It will lift the flavours to new heights!

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This product may contain Nuts/Peanuts

Contains Sulphites.

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'Trooty-La-La Ketchup
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