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Hi, I’m ‘Ome. I’ve been involved in catering for all of my working career, alongside playing guitar in bands and the odd bit of D.J.ing here and there. I started writing the ‘Ome Made Food & Lifestyle Blog because I think people will find the recipes and advice helpful and the insights into our slightly crazy world amusing. Although the blog will be heavily based around food you can expect to find some general lifestyle posts and musings on life and other ‘stuff’.

'Ome Made Food & Lifestyle Blog

Since starting this Blog I have now started my own business ‘Ome Made, making spice rubs, preserves and condiments. Some of these are available to buy at our online shop www.omemade.co.uk.

My partner is Kit, who will be having a lot of input on the Blog and doing some writing on it.

We have four children, MissT (15), Dj (14),CurlyE (13) and lil’MrM (12). I’m sure they will be making appearances here and there.

'Ome Made Food & Lifestyle Blog

We have seven chickens, at the moment. The numbers keep going up and down and I’ve completely lost track of the names!

We also have two Skinks, Dolphi (ask the kids?) and Stony, I know this one! “Dj, what do you want to call the other skink?”

After a long pause for thought “erm, erm, Stony!”




“Because he looks like a stone”

We look in the Viv… “Dj… that IS a stone!”

'Ome Made Food & Lifestyle Blog

We have five dogs. Withnail (yes as in Withnail & I), who is a cross between a Fox Terrier and English Bull, Aiyana a Border Collie, Peanut the… well we’re not really sure! Flo a Tamaskan and the newest member of the gang, Little Nell another Border Collie. Withnail even has her own Facebook page! @WithnailandAiy

We also have a Royal Python named Indiana and some giant African Land snails.

You don’t have to be mad to live in this house… but it certainly does help!

Feel free to join us… 'Ome Made Food & Lifestyle Blog

Food philosophy

In this house we have fresh food, or leftovers from the fresh food we’ve cooked. This is our main philosophy. No ready meals, we don’t even have a microwave.

We like organic food. We think it tastes better, keeps better and in the long run is better for us. However we can’t always afford it (especially organic meat) and we can’t always get what we need with organic. We’re not the type of people that stand on a soap box preaching everyone should eat organic because not every one can and it’s not always practical.

When it comes to meat we try and buy the best we can. Ideally we would only buy free range, organic meat and poultry but again this isn’t always practical. Lets just say we avoid certain supermarkets and the majority of our meat either comes from a reliable butcher or direct from the farmers themselves. I’m sure you’ll here about them somewhere on this site.

Food is important to us as a family. I enjoy it, Kit enjoys it and the kids enjoy it (Sometimes we wish they’d enjoy it a little less, they could and would eat us  out of house and home!).

There is no rules about who does the cooking. I cook, Kit cooks and we cook together, especially at the weekend.

What do we like to cook… there is no cuisine that is not covered in this house, although we do like a touch of spice and you just can’t beat a good curry.

And of course you have to have a nice drink to go with your food… and when your preparing it!

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About Us
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