Ras El Hanout

Ras El Hanout 60g

Meaning 'Top Of The Shop' this is the African spice
merchants prized combination of spices, no one
recipe being the same! The 'Ome Made version
contains 19 ingredients, including exotic spices
& herbs such as peppery cubebs, mace,
rose petals, hyssop & marigold petals.
Use as a rub, in a Tagine, or mix with
yoghurt for a delicious marinade.

Ingredients: cumin, coriander seed, salt, spices, herbs, sugar

Ras El Hanout is the famous spice blend from North Africa. Translating as 'Top Of The Shop' it was the spice traders best mix of herbs and spices. 'Ome Made Ras El Hanout contains aromatic spices such as cumin and mace blended with exotic ingredients such as cubebs, rose petals and hyssop.

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