Zingy Zangy Zongy Lemon & Chilli Chutney

'Ome Made Zingy Zangy Zongy Lemon & Chilli Chutney 120g

This Chutney really delivers a hit of lemons with a tiny touch of chilli heat. Use with Indian food - it goes great with Tandoori Chicken and poppadoms.

Add to yoghurt and use as a marinade for lamb or chicken or simply as a tasty dressing.

Stir a spoonful into a Tagine or sauce to bring it alive with the flavours of the Mediterranean/North Africa.

The Chutney can be served with cold meats of course, particularly chicken or pork. Try with a nice soft goat’s cheese or stir into soft cheese for a lively sandwich filler.

Zingy Zangy Zongy Lemon & Chilli Chutney will also compliment fish and seafood cutting through the richness of oily fish such as Mackerel or complimenting the strong flavour of Tuna. It will even bring a humble tuna mayonnaise pasta alive with zesty flavour!

Ingredients: lemons, onion, vinegar, sugar, chillies, raisins (contains sulphites), salt, mustard seeds, allspice

Allergens are in bold. May contain traces of nuts/peanuts.

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