‘Ome Made Stout Brown Sauce

'Ome Made Stout Brown Sauce

Brown Sauce made the 'Ome Made way!

This  sauce is made with traditional ingredients but with the addition of some secret spices and Real Ale.

It has the addition of Russian Rare-Bit Stout, from Sheffield Fuggle Bunny Brew House to give a lovely, rich depth of flavour!

Fantastic with sausages, bacon, chips and an essential condiment for your barbecues!

Apples, tomatoes, plums and dates go into this fruity brown sauce along with Fuggle Bunny Brew House Russian Rare-Bit Stout to give a completely unique flavour. A Brown Sauce made with Stout! Could it get any better? Bring on the pies!

Ingredients: apple, sugar, tomato, plums, vinegar, stout (Gluten), dried dates, sultanas, onion, ginger, lemon juice, garlic, spices, salt, tamarind paste.

Allergens in bold. May contain traces of nuts/peanuts.



'Ome Made Stout Brown Sauce made with Fuggle Bunny Brewhouse Russian Rare-Bit Stout

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